Easy Steps for Canon PIXMA iP110 setup | wireless setup

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If you are on the lookout for a good wireless printer, then pixma ip110 by Canon could be the perfect choice. It is a top of the line, compact printer – known for its supreme image quality and convenience. Here is a complete guide for you to navigate through the Canon pixma iP110 setup process.

Canon pixma ip110 setup

About Canon pixma iP110

There are only a few big and trustworthy names that popup in the printer industry. One of them is Canon, a Japanese brand headquartered in Tokyo. It is a multinational optical products manufacturing company, popular for their Cameras, printers, medical equipment etc.

Printer Specifications

Before you proceed with your Canon pixma iP110 setup, we thought you should know all about the amazing features your printer offers you:

  • It is an extremely affordable and compact single ink jet printer.
  • It allows users to print pictures right from their smartphones in incredible detail.
  • The printer comes with an optional battery too, which makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • This color printer can handle a4, a5, b5, letter and legal paper sizes.

Canon pixma iP110 setup Process

You can begin using your printer after going through a few steps to configure your device, here’s how you can do it:

Take the printer out

Even though the first step is obvious enough to not require any special instructions, however it is important that you do this with the utmost care because the incorrect way of unboxing can damage the printer or any of its components.

Install cartridges

The next step after unboxing your product is to place the ink cartridges inside it. It can be done through these steps:

  • Open the access door of the printer after taking out the paper tray.
  • Slide the ink cartridges inside the designated slot and you should hear a sound.
  • Also make sure to fill the tray with good quality printer paper, to avoid any errors in your Canon pixma iP110 setup.

Canon pixma ip110 adding cartridges

Setup Wi-Fi

Since the ip110 is a wireless printer, you will have to hook it up with a secure Wi-Fi connection for it to begin functioning:

  • Turn on your printer, by pushing the power button.
  • On the panel, you will find a Wi-Fi button; hold it down for a few seconds, until a blue light begins to blink.
  • Connect the printer with the network you want, from the display.
  • After it has made a connection to the access point, the light should stop blinking thus indicating that it has connected with the network.

Canon pixma ip110 setup wifi

Install Driver for Canon pixma iP110 setup

For your printer to actually start printing documents, you will have to install the printer driver or software as the last step of the Canon pixma iP110 setup procedure.

  • The driver will come in a setup CD along with your printer; you can also download it from the official Canon website.
  • Extract the files from the downloaded driver
  • Run the file and choose your location, preferred language etc.
  • You will also have to agree to the license agreement after which the installation process will begin.
  • Lastly after it’s done, print some pages out to check if it is printing properly or not.

If you still encounter any troubles in Canon pixma iP110 setup, then feel free to visit the official website or call for customer service.

Canon Ip110 wireless setup in Mac.

canon pixma ip110 setup


Canon is a Japanese based company that is famous for its high-quality printing products as well as optics products. Canon manufactures lots of variety of printing products with different features. These printers are made to provide the user with a high-quality printing facility at home.

Canon makes several printers, cameras, lenses, optical gadgets etc. But there famous product is there printers because of their top notch quality and speed. These printing techniques have made working more effective and convenient. Some of the canon printers are canon Pixma 3620, canon Ip110, canon Pixma 3600 etc. These printers can be setup up through Wi-Fi or wireless and can be connected to a computer, mac or androids or smartphones etc.

These printing techniques have made working more effective and convenient. Here we will discuss the set-up process of Canon pixma iP110 setup.

Canon Ip 110 is one of the printer of canon which is a inkjet  wireless compact mobile printer that is small in size but highly effective in printing. This printer is known for his high quality prints. It could be connected with any network ,whether wireless connection, with Wi-Fi or with cables. It could be installed in every device.

So here is the procedure for the wireless setup of the Canon pixma iP110 setup In Mac.

  • First, make sure you clean all the unwanted packing and plastics from the printer.
  • Then check that your wireless router is present and completely set up.
  • Check that your computer is connected to a high and fast network.
  • Now connect the printer to the power switch. Switch on the power.
  • Now open the printer top lid and check the power button it will glow, it means your printer is on and reviving the power.
  • Now press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the power light flashes twice.
  • Then release the Wi-Fi button it will lit with a blue light.
  • Open your computer and download the file.
  • Open the canon/ijsetup website.
  • Click on the setup option present on the page.
  • Write down the product name Ip110 in the search box.
  • In the next page select your country or region .
  • On the next page select the set up option and click download.
  • Now open the downloaded file in your system for setup.

The above process is same as the wireless setup process in a computer system or laptop. The only difference is that you have to go through a security check in mac .

  • A window will open up starting Canon in big font.
  • Then Click next option to begin the installation.
  • Here the mac will ask you to type your password and name for verification and allowing the set up.
  • After typing the password , click Install helper.
  • Then the Canon ip110 series window will open asking you to follow the installation step.
  • The setup wills search for some new updates.
  • After all the information is gathered a window will open up asking you to select the printer connection method.
  • Select Wireless LAN connection.
  • Click Next.
  • On the next screen select the Wireless LAN connection method.
  • Click Assess point connection (recommended) option.
  • Click Next
  • Make sure your printer is on and click Next option.
  • The software will start searching for the printer connected to the network.
  • It will show you the list of printers connected with the network .
  • Check in the box present below the list.
  • Click Next for next 2 windows.
  • Then on the setup procedure selection window- select Cable less setup .
  • Click Next option on the next 2 screen .
  • When the wireless connection is setup , it will show you a window stating connection the completed.
  • Select your preferred language .
  • Click Next .
  • A software installed list will appear , select the printer driver and click next.
  • Accept the license and term agreement.
  • Click next.
  • Allow all the process of installation to start.
  • Installation process will start it will take some time.
  • After it is done your computer will search for the printer in the network.
  • In the Add printer window , click Add printer and select next.
  • Add your printer name canon up 110 in the next window.
  • It will start setting up the printer with your mac.
  • Then click next.
  • A window will appear stating the set-up is complete, click Next.
  • Your setup is completed.
  • After the set-up is completed the computed will ask you to register your product.
  • If you want to test the printer click Execute, if not simply click Next.
  • Your installation is completely successful.
  • Click exit.

Canon PIXMA iP110 setup


So now your printer is connected to your system via wireless setup and now you can print your documents and pictures.

The process is long but it’s easy, make sure you follow all the steps properly and it is really important that your computer is connected to a trusted network and there is a proper supply of power. The power cut in between will stop the installation process. If you face any proper with the installation process check the guide book which you have got with the printer.

Canon PIXMA iP110 setup connection via bluetooth.

canon ip110 setup via bluetooth

Canon is a company widely known for its photo and video cameras. But now canon printers are getting huge hype just like its other products.

Canon produces a variety of versions when it comes to printers. Inkjet printers, LaserJet printers etc and they have black and white printing printers as well as coloured printers.  Some of the canon printers are canon Pixma mg2570S, Canon Pixma G2000, canon PixmaTS207, canon ip110 etc.

Canon is a multipurpose connective device which could be connected to computer, laptops, mac, tablets and smartphones through Wi-Fi, blue tooth, wireless etc.

Here we will talk about the canon Ip110 printer which is an inkjet printer and its setup via blue tooth.

Steps to connect canon ip110 via blue tooth.

  • Make sure you have installed the printer derive in your system. If not go to the official website and install the drive in the PC or with the CD you have received with the printer.
  • First switch off all the power connection from the printer. Their should be no light flashing on the printer.
  • Now open the printer cap and setup the blue tooth unit on the printer.
  • Now switch on the printer and click the start button.
  • Open the canon printer application on your device or mobile phone.
  • Go to the blue tooth setting of your phone and enable it.
  • Let it scan all the devices on your network.
  • Select your printer name in your device.
  • Now enter the pass key or pin on the LCD screen of the printer.
  • Make sure you write the pass key correctly otherwise it won’t connect the printer with the device.
  • The canon ip110 is being registered as a blue tooth device using your device.
  • To check the working of your printer , select the file you want to print and select print option via blue tooth.
  • If the printer print the file it means your Canon PIXMA iP110 setup via blue tooth is completed and if the printer is not able to print the file it means there is some problem with the setup, so it is better to check the steps again and if you find any issue make sure to correct it.

Always check that your blue tooth setting is turn on before printing anything and your printer is connected to your device.

And your blue tooth unit is attached to your printer. And if you still face any other problem just contact the professional team for help.

How to connect Canon PIXMA iP110 setup to Wi-Fi.

Canon is a Japanese multimedia company.  Canon produces lots of products such as cameras, video camera, camera lenses, projectors, medical equipment, printers and much more product.

Here we will take about the Canon pixma iP110 setup, which is an inkjet printer, it is small in size makes it easier to carry. It can carry 50 sheets at a time and high speed. It could be connected via Wi-Fi, blue tooth or wireless in mac, computer laptops or mobile phones.

Connecting canon ip110 to Wi-Fi –

  • First clean up all the extra material attached to the printer that could be tapes, protective wrapping etc.
  • Connect the printer t the power switch via a  power cable.
  • Switch on the power.
  • Press the power button on the printer, it will glow with a green light.
  • Now press and hold the Wi-Fi button just below the power button, until it lights up.
  • Press the black button present on the printer.
  • Then press the Wi-Fi button again.
  • Now open your system or mobile phone.
  • Turn off the mobile data.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi and the location of the device.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi option on the phone.
  • Select the printer and write down the password, the password is the serial number of the printer that is present on the backside of the printer.
  • Click on the connect option.
  • Now download the canon print application on your mobile phone.
  • Open the Canon print app on your phone.
  • Enable the blue tooth setting on your smartphone.
  • Click on the printer series shown on the screen.
  • Select the image and connect your smartphone with the printer.
  • Confirm the setting.
  • Connection is completed.
  • Now select a file to print and share it to the canon print app as pdf.
  • Click the print option.
  • The printing process will start, it shows that your connection is successful.

This is how  you connect your canon ip110 printer via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi connection is the easiest way to setup your printer.

If the printing cause some issue it means the connection is not setup properly. Just check your process once again.  And if you still face the issue contact the technical team for guidance.

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