Hp Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup | Hp deskjet 3510 driver

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One of the best printers produced by hp Deskjet 3510 wireless setup which Prints fabulous printouts within few minutes.

We can get this printout by sitting at any place in the house as it is connected through the Wi-Fi connection with our device.

Hp 3510 printer Wireless setup

HP stands for Hewlett- Packard, it is an American-based Information Technology company. This company was founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in 1939 and that’s why it is called HP.

HP produces a lot of computer-related products such as Personnel computers, computer hardware, and software, storage devices, networking service, printers, etc. HP is a company that produces affordable and good-quality gadgets that can be afforded by all.

HP printers are one of the famous printers in the market and their demand is always high. Some of the HP printers are HP LaserJet, HP inkjet, HP desk jet 3755, HP desk jet 3510, etc.

Here we will take about Hp Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup. HP 3510 is all one inkjet and multifunctional printer that could print high-quality colored prints. This printer can be connected to Wi-Fi or a wireless connection.

Connect HP 3510 printer to Wi-Fi.

Here are the steps for hp 3510 printer Wireless setup

  • Since it is a Wi-Fi connection so make sure you install a printer driver on the computer.
  • Clean all the attached packaging or tap from the printer.
  • Now the first step is to Switch on your printer. Click the power button available on the display screen of the printer.
  • Then hold and press the cancel button and wireless button for a few seconds to prepare the printer for setup.
  • As soon as you leave the button, the power button will start to blink and after that when the power button will stop blinking, the wireless button will start blinking with blue light.
  • The printer has entered setup mode.
  • Now download printer software from the HP website and run it.
  • Start the setup and the software will search the available printer in your network.
  • With the available printers, select your HP3510 printer.
  • Click the power button again to change the setting of the printer and connect your printer with your device.
  • Now go to the printer driver and start installing it.
  • After it is downloaded open the HP easy start and accept all the terms and conditions.
  • Now in the next window select your printer and click continue.
  • Write down the password of the Wi-Fi if asked.
  • Add your printer to your device and click continue.
  • Your Hp Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup is being connected to your device.

This is a way by which you can connect your Hp Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup to your computer. You can check the working of the printer by printing a document or a picture. If the print comes out it means your set-up was successful. If not then recheck your Process and if you still face the problem in Hp Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup then call the customer headline.

Configuring your hp 3510 wireless with HP smart


hp 3510 printer wireless setup


  • Firstly link the cable with the printer. And on the printer.
  • Open the computer and there you will find a pop-up notification that will claim Install the device automatically
  • Tap the cancel button and close the window.
  • Download the HP smart and agree to the terms and conditions and click on Ok to continue
  • Now on the computer screen, you will see a pop-up bar where the automatic installation process will begin and the software will start running.
  • Add your Hp Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup to the device by selecting it
  • Then tap next.
  • Select the option to connect to the computer wirelessly. The computer will automatically scan the Wi-Fi network.
  • Once the computer will select all the networks it will be shown on the screen to choose your access point.
  • Click on next.
  • Then WPA security notification will appear and then enter the security key into it and then click on next.
  • Make sure that your Hp Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup as well as your device, is connected to the same network connection or the same network modem.
  • Then tap on next.
  • Once the window pops up claiming that the printer connection is successful click on next.
  • Choose the functions that are needed to be installed.
  • Then tap on next.
  • Once you choose the functions you can make various changes according to your requirement like renaming the printer many more.
  • And then tap on next.
  • Once the downloading is over and the program is installed successfully. A notification will come on your computer screen claiming that to print a test page.

How to make sure that the printer driver is installed successfully and the Hp Deskjet 3510 printer Wireless setup is ready to print the documents?

Hp Deskjet 3510

  • Click on next to print the test page so that you can check that the Hp 3510 printer Wireless setup is working properly or not.
  • Once the test page is printed properly click on yes and if it does not print correctly tap on the option reprint.
  • After that click on finish.

By following the other ways you can easily install the printer with Wi-Fi access and use it as per your need.

If you keep facing any problem in Hp Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup then you can get in touch with customer care which will tell you the fault or the mistake you are making while installing the driver and will help to resolve your problem.

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