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Setting up a brand new wireless printer from scratch can seem like a daunting task; however, it essentially involves four basic steps. In this article, we will guide you through the hp Deskjet 3755 setup process, right from the hardware assembling to software installation.

The setup procedure for the 3755 can be a little different for different types of devices such as a smartphone, mac, android, etc. Irrespective of which device you own, continue reading on below to find out all about these individual processes.

Step by step guide for Hp Deskjet 3755 setup

For the hp Deskjet 3755 setup follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Unpack
  • Take the new printer out of its box by turning it upside down on a flat surface and sliding the device out.
  • Start by removing all the extra plastic wrappings, protective foams, etc.
  • You will also have received starter ink packs, which will have to be removed from the cover and its colored contact.
  1. Configure
  • To begin, the user will have to set up a language they are comfortable working with.
  • Select and change the region/location of the device from the display screen.
  • Insert the print head and cartridges in the slot after opening the side door.
  • Once the ink is detected, load up the paper tray with printing sheets – you can start with about 20 at a time.
  • You can also check that the scanner is aligned and then press the power button of the device to turn it on.
  1. Connect

The setup for the network can be both wired and wireless, here’s how you can go about the latter method:

  • On the control panel outside near the settings menu, find the wireless button and press on it for a couple of seconds and you should see a light begin to blink.
  • You will see a setup wizard from the menu, click on it and scan the area for all available wifi networks.
  • Choose the one you would like to connect with and enter the password for it.
  • A success message will be displayed and the wifi light on the control panel will stabilize.
  1. Install

The hp Deskjet 3755 setups will never be complete without installing a driver:

  • If you choose to install with a cd then insert it in the drive and click on the window that prompts open, follow the instructions displayed and the driver will be good to go.
  • For an online option, go to the official website and type in the printer name.
  • Match the compatibility of the driver with the version of your current operating system.
  • Double click the link and download and save it.
  • Extract the contents of the file and begin the installation.
  • Click on next > click on add printer > select the device name.
  • Agree to the user license agreement and click on finish.
  • The user might have to wait for a couple of minutes depending on the size of the file.
  • Once it is completed, print some document or image to check if the hp Deskjet 3755 setup was a success or not.

HP desk jet 3755 Driver installation

Bill Hewlett and David Packard formed an Information technology company which produces computer hardware and software, operating system, computers, laptops, scanners, printers, and this company was known as HP.HP was one of the top companies at a time with its advance and high-quality product which were available at affordable rates. HP printers are still among the best printers in the market because of their high-quality printing and affordable price.

HP desk jet 3755 is an all-in-one wireless printer that is used for printing, scanning, faxing, copying. The printer has the recycle cartridge feature and if one of the ink finishes come printing then the other cartridge will automatically come into its place. This printer connected to any system whether computer, smartphone, Android anything. Wireless connection, Wi-Fi connection, etc. This is a compatible size home printer.

If you have recently bought an HP desk jet 3755 printer then you have to first set it up and then only you can use it. Set up process involves 2 things-

  1. Printer network setup.
  2. Drive installation.

One of the most important steps is the installation of a printer driver. You can either download a printer driver or install it with the printer CD.

  1. Printer drive through CD-

When you buy a printer, with the printer you receive a Driver CD. This CD consists of the Printer drive. How to install a driver with a CD.

  • First, you should prepare your printer for a setup and connect your printer and computer to a network.
  • Now open your system and open the CD/DVD and place the CD on it.
  • Make sure that the CD is not damaged and the CD is working or supporting the CD.
  • Now open My computer and open the printer driver.
  • Click the run button and start the installation.


Installing the printer driver with the help of the CD is a simple process but the drive which you receive with the CD may not be the updated version or the system may not be able to support the old drive. For that download, the drivers from the HP website are a better option.


  1. Download from HP website
  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Go to the official website or 123.hp.com/dj3755/install.
  • Write down your printer model name in the given area.
  • A drive download page will open.
  • Select your operating device and its version.
  • Now from the list of available drives select the drive most suitable for your printer and system.
  • Click the download button.


Driver installation

  • After the download is completed, go to the download menu in the browser and open it setup file.
  • A run window will open up. Click the run option.
  • A setup wizard window will open, click continue.
  • In the software, selection window click next.
  • Agree on the term and conditions and accept the license agreement.
  • Click next.
  • Now let the software download the drive, this process will take some time.
  • When the additional driver installation is completed then on the next window which is the connection option window- select the Advanced setup and click next.
  • This will search for printers for your system.
  • Select your printer and connect it with your computer via a USB cable when the wireless connection via USB cable window prompt.
  • Check the box which states that the printer is already connected.
  • Turn on your printer and connect the printer with the computer with a USB cable.
  • After the connection is completed.
  • Click the Finish button.

This completed the driver installation process and if you face any problem regarding the drive download or installation then contact the HP technical team for help.

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