HP Envy 4500 printer setup for Mac and Windows

HP Envy 4500 is one of the leading printers which are used by the customer on large scale including in houses to the large corporations, organization workplaces.

So if you have just purchased this printer and facing the problem to set a pet here are the following steps that will help you out in hp envy 4500 printer setup.

Step 1:- Unboxing the printer

Firstly take out your hp envy 4500 printer setup from the box and remove all the tape, packing materials. Make sure to remove the packing cardboard or the tape which is there inside the layout of the printer so open the lid and remove it. Also, close the lid. Now press the access door in order to open the Ink cartridges slot. Once the access door is opened remove all the tapes from the ink cartridge and refit them into the respective slot. And then close the access door.hp envy 4500 printer setup

Step 2:- Establishing the connection of the printer.

  • Take out the power cable and connect the printer and the electric switchboard through the cable.
  • Once the electric connection is set up click on the down arrow to choose your language and then click on OK.
  • Now again click on the down arrow and select your country or the region and tap on OK.

hp envy 4500 printer setup

By this, your printer will get set up so that you can continue the further process.

Step 3:- Loading the paper

Once you have removed all the excess tapes cardboard thermocol sheets the next step is to put the paper into the printer for this.

  • Pull the or extend the input tray to open the tray.
  • Take a bundle of paper consisting of fresh papers open the input tray of the printer and load it into it. Also, make sure to properly align the paper so that it can be inserted properly. Once you load the paper into it push the tray inside the printer and once the tray gets locked you will hear a clicking sound. (make sure the paper you are using a not torn or ripped and does not have wrinkles into it because if you use any of these papers the printing may not start or you forget faded printouts due to usage of these papers.)
  • Now in order to open the output tray again pull it outside.

Step 4:- Installing and aligning in cartridges

Open the access door and take out the Ink cartridges remove all the extra packages and put them into the respective slot.

The cartridges should also be aligned properly to continue the smooth process of printing.

Step 5:- Downloading the printer software

No download or install the printer software into your device in order to start the working of the printer.

You can download it from the official website of HP or you can install it by putting the CD drive provided by the hp envy 4500 printer setup for the installation of the software.

Hp envy 4500 software install

hp envy 4500 printer setup

HP smart is a smart software provided by the HP company to establish a good connection between the printer and the device. For this go to the official website of HP download HP smart add your device login it. Now follow all the steps to complete the setup of HP smart.

You must take care that the software you are installing on your computer should be updated or should be the new version because if you will install the outdated version of the wrong version your hp envy 4500 printer setup will not work properly as the printers’ version will not be compatible with the software versions. So it is always good to download the respective printers’ software from the HP official website.

By completing all the above-mentioned steps your hp envy 4500 printer setup got completed and you can start your printing jobs.

But if you still face any problem regarding the hp envy 4500 printer setup  you can immediately contact the HP customer helper where they will provide you easy help as their experts are highly intelligent in this respective field and would love to assist their customers.

HP Envy 4500 printer Unboxing And Setup

How to install hp envy 4500 printer driver

With the modern printer, purchasing the device is not enough to begin your printing journey. It requires a whole lot of assemblage as well as setting up before you can get to creating your beautiful prints. Out of all the steps in this process, the hp envy 4500 driver installation is a crucial one since this is what helps the printer in understanding the commands inputted.

This particular model is a part of the all-in-one Deskjet series. It is an extremely economical prospect as far as printers goes since users get a scanner and copier too at the low price point of a printing machine.

It comes with a high-resolution LCD screen with a 5 cm display. It can be connected alternatively by either a wire or wirelessly and has a duty cycle of up to 1000 pages depending on the usage.


Here are a few reasons why a proper hp envy 4500 driver installation is crucial for the printer:

  • Its main requirement is to assist the printer in understanding the input language by the user. It processes the images or texts and then sends it off to the machine to print.
  • Converts file into a specific format.
  • Recently, a few digital printers have stopped making use of the driver altogether – since their OS are generally capable understanding the language.

Steps for hp envy 4500 printer setup and driver installation

We have broken down and compiled the process the setup into a few simple steps, which will be easy for new users to follow and comprehend:


  • Open your choice of internet browser and go to the search bar.
  • Type in the name of the exact model name and number of your printer. Choose the search result which will redirect you to the official website.
  • On the left hand side panel, from the software and drivers panel – proceed to the option to go directly to the search results.
  • Users also get the option to choose a different driver which is compatible with their brand and version of operating system.
  • Once you are satisfied with the chosen software for the hp envy 4500 driver installation, proceed to click on the download option which will be highlighted in red.
  • A message will be prompted on the screen, indicating the downloading process has begun, tap on close and wait for a little while for it to complete.
  • The program will ask the user to confirm if their download procedure had been successful or not, click yes if it is done.
  • Double tap on the file to open it in a folder.


  • Now that the file has been downloaded, right click on it and extract all the content.
  • Once it is completed, click on setup file and continue after making sure that the device is connected to a working internet connection.
  • Hit agree on the license agreement to begin the installation process.
  • This might take a couple of minutes, after which you can choose which connectivity method you would like to go for – wired or wireless.
  • Choose an option and click on next.
  • Once it is done click on finish and check if the hp envy 4500 driver installation was successful or not, by printing on some trial sheets.

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How to solve when hp envy 4500 not connecting to wi-fi:

hp envy 4500 printer setup

If you have been using a hp printer for a while you might be familiar with a few connectivity issues sometimes. However, if you are a new user-facing the hp envy 4500 printer setup not connecting to wifi problem, then we are here for your rescue. Before we proceed to tell you all about the simple troubleshooting methods, it should be mentioned that this is a common issue that happens with everyone.

This all-in-one printer series has high-resolution print outputs for all color palettes and selections. It supports thermal inkjet as well as traditional ink tech. Users can save a lot of money and their budget by getting a scanner and copier at the price point of a single printer.


When a user sees their hp envy 4500 not connecting to wifi, it could be due to a bunch of simplistic reasons. Finding out the reason behind a problem is half the problem solved:

  • Most often, all kinds of connectivity issues between the devices is caused due to a bad internet connection. It can be the fault of the router or the ISP.
  • If the user has recently changed any setting on their router or made any updates.
  • The driver hasn’t been updated recently.
  • The driver or software might have been corrupted by a third-party attack.
  • If the IP address has changed recently.


We have compiled a few solutions which might help users with getting rid of the issue:

  1. Turn off

Begin solving the hp envy 4500 printer setup not connecting to wifi problem by first switching all the devices in question, off. Also plug all the cables out and then put them back in after a while to check if the connection is still not working.

  1. Problematic Internet

Look into any issue in the router and its settings. If recently, any changes have been made in the modem then the printer settings should also be configured accordingly.

  1. Cables

Make sure that the connecting wires and cables have been attached properly and are not loose in any case.

  1. Driver

If the driver for the hp envy 4500 printer setup hasn’t been updates recently, then it might have caused these connectivity errors. Users can also run network connectivity tests to get reports on the issue. If nothing seems to work, then reinstall the software once again and turn it back to the default settings.

  1. Corruption

Users can check if any files have been corrupted and are in need for replacement or not, with the help of diagnostic tools. Both Microsoft and Apple have built in automatic tools for such events.

Customer service

If none of the solutions given above were able to help you with finding a desirable solution for hp envy 4500 not connecting to wifi, then you can always contact the customer service. It could be that the problem is with the device – their technical team will walk you through a feasible solution for it.

The tech teams can be contacted via a phone call on the helpline or the official support websites.

Connect HP Envy 4500 to computer.

hp envy 4500 printer setup

HP a world-renowned company specialized in producing high-quality and reliable computer software, hardware, personnel computer, operating system, printers, scanners, etc. HP produces different kinds of printers and one of their famous printers is all one printer which are specialized in printing, scanning, faxing, copying, etc.

Today we will discuss hp envy 4500 printer setup and how to connect it to a computer.

HP Envy 4500 is an all-in-one inkjet printer with printing, scanning, and copying features. It can print 8 pages per minute for black and white print and 5 color print in one minute. It also has a duplex printing feature and can connect with the computer, laptop, smartphones, androids, etc with wires, wireless, or via Wi-Fi.

Steps to connect HP envy 4500 to the computer.

This is the most basic and simplest connection.

hp envy 4500 printer setup

  • Take out the USB cable that you received with the printer.
  • Keep the printer and the computer close to each other as per the length of the USB cable.
  • Now take the USB Cable and check it’s end.
  • Connect the square end of the USB cable with the printer. The printer has a USB slot in the back or the side.
  • Now connect the rectangular end of the USB cable with the computer.
  • Open your computer as well as your printer.
  • Make sure you have downloaded the printer driver on your computer and if not go to the canon website and download the latest version of the drive.
  • Select the USB cable connection method and complete your connection by following the instruction shown on the screen.
  • Select your printer from the connected device.
  • You will receive a message that HP envy 4500 printers are connected to your computer.

This is a way to connect your hp envy 4500 printer setup to the computer. Always make sure your computer as well as printer are connected to power switch and are receiving power.

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