HP Photosmart 7520 troubleshooting [Simple guide]

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HP is one of the famous companies in manufacturing and designing printers of high-quality that can easily fill the needs and requirements of the users. And one of the most purchased printer is HP Photosmart 7520, if you own one then find out everything about HP Photosmart 7520 troubleshooting.

HP Photosmart 7520

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HP Photosmart 7520 troubleshooting errors

In the HP Photosmart 7520 troubleshooting, there are majorly four kinds of problems that occur and we have listed solutions for each of them below:

  • Printer prints blank Page.
  • After giving the command the printer does not print.
  • Scanning issues.
  • Paper jamming problem.

Before we tell you some more about the HP Photosmart 7520 troubleshooting process, here are some issues that you should know in order to avoid :

  • Malfunctioning of driver’s issue -There could not be proper installation of driver which is used to facilitate the communication between operating system and device
  • Issues in printer spooler -The windows print spooler gets stuck whatever command is given to the printer will not be received and the printer will not respond in its own also
  • Over usage -When the printer is used for a long duration of time in a continuous manner it is start showing error due to its short life span it stop working as it is used without getting proper technical service at different time span to ensure that the printer works for a long time
  • Consumable’s issue-Majorly the printers stop working in the situation where there is no paper in the printer or there is lack of ink which is required to print colored or black and white pages.

HP Photosmart 7520 troubleshooting Ways

Here are some ways which can be used for HP Photosmart 7520 troubleshooting:

Checking USB cable

Firstly check that the printer and computer are properly connected with are USB cables in order to ensure that there is proper connectivity between these two devices.

Properly giving command

Ensures that the command is given properly regarding the particular page which is needed to be printed.

If the error continues even after that given are the following steps to fix the error:

  • If the printer is not open turn on the printer by pressing the on button.
  • Open the cartridge door by pressing the side buttons which are there on the sites of the printer.
  • Lift the lid which is on the cartridge and then slowly push the lid by doing this release the cartridge .Now pull up on the cartridge
  • Put the cartridge one side while nozzle is facing up
  • Cross check ink in cartridge if they are up to the marks or as per the estimated amount then they are not need to be replaced. If the cartridges are full of ink and still they are printing blank pages then continue this steps
  • Replace cartridges which are empty
  • Packaging should be removed of new cartridges and after that  separate the plastic tape
  • Make sure to properly close the door

Checking the  internet connection

Checking the  internet connection HP Photosmart 7520

You must also make sure that your internet connection is proper and there is no problem in it because sometimes due to fluctuating or no or poor internet or network connection can cause some problems so check before connecting.

These above mentioned methods should help you with your HP Photosmart 7520 troubleshooting. Even after all these steps if you still face any problem contact the customer care of HP printers they will help you at the immediate basis.

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