HP printer setup without CD [ Full Solution ]

HP printers worldwide famous due to their easy to work functions the affordable prices. These printers compact and their designs are quite attractive. They are available in different shades ranging from white gray to black as per the choice of their customers. They provide various facilities to the customers as they are multifunctional one does not have to buy different machines for photocopy scanning and printing because all these jobs are done by a singer printer which is manufactured by HP company. They are built and manufactured by keeping in mind the latest technology trends needs and the importance of performance in the current scenario.

HP printer setup without CD

In order to use these printers, one has to install them. These printers are generally installed with the help of CD drives or CD ROMs which are provided by the company itself. With the help of CD drivers, it becomes quite easy to install and set up this printer as the one just has to insert the CD into the drive parts of the device and within few minutes these printers get installed.

But what when an individual does not have a CD to install it. Yes, there are chances when one person by these printers from the other person after-feel years in the resale value and the other individual usually does not have the original CD drive as they must have lost it, or they got outdated.

Then what to do in this situation because without installing the printer cannot start its working. If you are going through the same situation there are various other options now available through which you can easily install an HP printer setup without CD drive of your printer. It can be done in two ways:

1. HP printer setup with the help of USB cable

USB cables are easily available in the market. Purchase cable which is compatible with your computer slot as well as the printers’ lot so that there can be a connection between in this both through this power cable.

HP printer setup without CD

  1. Now connect the printer and the computer through this cable.
  2. Once you have connected the cable open the HP printer.
  3. Go to the setting section of the computer by opening it from the start button.
  4. Now open printers and drivers from the setting option.
  5. Then tap on the Add a printer option from it.
  6. Then there you will find your printers name on the screen click on it and
  7. The installation process will begin just follow all the steps and your printer will get easily installed.


2. HP printer setup with the help of online software

The best option for HP printer setup without CD drive is by downloading the printer software from the  website of the HP for this:

  1. Go to the official website of HP
  2. There you will find a printers tab click on it and search your respective printer model
  3. There you will see various software download links just check it and tab on the software which is compatible with your device that is your windows MAC.
  4. once it gets downloaded you will see a popup notification that will appear on your screen where they will ask you to run the software.
  5. Again click on the run follow all the relevant steps it asks.

6.make sure that your printer is connected to your device via Bluetooth or any power cable.

Once the software is installed properly just check it by given the printing command to your document text or image.

By following the above steps you can easily do HP printer setup without a CD drive but if you still go through any problem contact the customer care help of HP.

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