[Resolved] Quicken’s 2017 credit score not responding? | Call @ 800-986-6752

[Resolved] Quicken’s 2017 credit score not responding? | Call @ 800-986-6752

Quicken’s 2017 credit score not responding:-

  • Quicken’s 2017 Credit Score not responding” this Issue faced by the users when they click the “View” link next to credit score. The pop start appearing mentioning “ error – server not responding…. server error…. the page you have requested has witnessed an internal server error or the server is not responding. Please try again.”
 Country  Toll-Free Number
 Quicken support phone number USA +1-800-986-6752

 How to use your new quicken file or your existing quicken file?

Quicken's 2017 credit score not responding

  • Click on Edit > preference > Intuit id > Mobile & Alerts.
  • Sign in as different user .
  • Create a new account and password .
  • Log in to quicken using your new ID.
  • You will get a dialog for setting up the credit score report after clicking on the “ credit score” tab.

How to using your existing quicken id and your existing quicken file?

  • Click on Edit > preference > Intuit ID > Mobile & Alerts.
  • Select the Mobile section.
  • Under Mobile section:

Try “Reset your cloud data”, if you have set up “Mobile & alerts”. In case that doesn’t work delete the cloud data. Re-sync and now try the credit score.


Click the “Get started button” in case you have not set up “Mobile & alerts”. select the accounts you want to sync. Finish the sync. You should now be able to register for the credit score report.

Refreshing branding and profile settings:

It might be necessary to update your branding and profile settings in quicken, in case your financial institution has recent server changes.

  • Choose the Online Center after selecting the Tools menu.
  • Select the Financial institution from the Financial institution drop down arrow.
  • While selecting the contact info press CTRL+SHIFT.
  • Select an account that is associated with the affected financial institution from the Account drop down at the top of the dialog.
  • From the Refresh options select Financial institution branding and profile and click Refresh.
  • Select OK.
  • Go online by clicking the update/send button.
  • Try your online session again.

Quiken checking and login files systems:- 

Quicken keep two separate log files of your online activities to assist with troubleshooting. At the bottom of the files you will find information about your most recent online activity. By selecting the Help menu, you can access both of the log files. Click on the Help menu and select Log files.

There are two primary log files:

  1. CONNLOG: Connlog log file contains a history of the connections you make to the servers.
  2. OFXLOG: Ofxlog contains more detailed information , including the transactions and account information you download into quicken. Qfxlog log file contains more detailed information than the Connlog.

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